Employee Engagement

LumApps blog provides insight into the different benefits of employee engagement. If you have questions like ¨Why is employee engagement import¨, you can find multiple articles helping you answer this question here. Fostering employee engagement is an organic and socially responsible way to boost productivity. It’s a win-win solution, that benefits everyone, for all types of organizational hierarchies. Discover the impact of employee engagement on your company culture, corporate and employer brand.

what is employee experience

What is Employee Experience? The Full Guide to Improve it

Employers are turning their attention toward the employee experience more often lately. They are actively taking steps to ensure that their employees feel good about going to work. This guide gives you details about what it is, why it’s important, and provides suggestions for measuring and improving the employee experience.

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Corporate Culture

What is Company Culture? Importance and Best Practices

How does a thriving company culture make businesses more successful? Why is company culture such a hot topic? Companies develop personalities over time. This statement is true whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or you are operating a digital workplace. It is what the term “company culture” refers to. It incorporates the company’s mission statement, as well as its values, ethics, and goals. This article will explain the importance of company culture as well as how to build one for your company and how to improve your existing one.

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10 Simple Ideas to Improve Team Building for Remote Workers

In today’s climate, more and more businesses are offering opportunities for employees to work remotely, yielding higher productivity rates and access to a wider pool of talent. How do you build trust and a solid collaborative foundation if none of your team members work in the same office? Keep reading to find out!

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frontline workers

How to Stay Connected with Field and Frontline Workers

New technologies have become essential for companies looking to communicate with their disconnected workers, whether they’re white collar, blue collar or technicians. Workers of all types have the same need to stay informed and connected inside their organization. In an unusual situation, how can we facilitate and respect each employee’s work time?

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Employee Experience strategy

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Employee Experience Strategy

The term employee experience has a broad meaning, encompassing all interactions an employee has with an employer. It’s also one of the most valuable investments that you, as a manager, can make.
A strong employee experience strategy, like any other business initiative, is designed to improve an organization’s overall performance.

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