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The digital workplace strategy is to align different technologies, employees and business processes with the purpose to improve operations efficiency. In LumApps expert blog, we present the distinct benefits of engagement in the digital workplace and how it is connected to the intranet. We offer an overview of various digital workplace features and teach you how to implement them in a single access intranet platform.

digital workplace strategy steps

5 Essential Steps for Your Digital Workplace Strategy

An understanding of the purpose, tools and best practices of the digital workplace is essential to creating an effective digital workplace strategy. It is even more mission-critical to provide the flexibility and mobility to our global employees, as today people work more and more from home, in the field or even on-the-go. After completing the following five steps, you’ll be ready to unleash the power of a digital workplace in your organization and ensure maximum productivity from your employees, no matter where they are.

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Transformation Digitale : Les outils indispensables

10 Essential Tools to Support Your Digital Transformation

Why digital transformation? The workplace is constantly changing and consumer expectations continue to rise. It is critical that companies equip themselves with innovative and efficient digital tools. The strength of tech powerhouses like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon prove every day how modern intranet platforms, and various management and communication tools, are becoming indispensable parts of digital transformation and the success of any business.

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digital transformation

How to Create Effective Digital Workplace Transformation

As the pace of technological advancement increases, new demands are placed on businesses that hope to compete in an evolving marketplace. In 2018, it was estimated that 90% of the world’s data was created over the past two years. How are companies supposed to parse such a spike in data efficiently?

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retail communication benefits

7 Reasons Why Communication Is Important in Retail

Communication is a key component of business, especially in the retail sphere. Excellent internal and external communication in retail will have a positive effect on both customers and employees. Read on to discover seven distinct benefits that organizations enjoy after improving their communication strategies.

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Employee Retention

What is Employee Retention and How to Manage it?

The definition of employee retention is to keep staff happy by ensuring they feel positive and motivated. Acknowledging the importance of employee retention and how it can help a business thrive is key. Having an employee retention strategy can support the success of a business.

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