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Employee Experience strategy

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Employee Experience Strategy

The term employee experience has a broad meaning, encompassing all interactions an employee has with an employer. It’s also one of the most valuable investments that you, as a manager, can make.
A strong employee experience strategy, like any other business initiative, is designed to improve an organization’s overall performance.

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remote workers motivation

8 Ways to Keep Remote Employees Motivated During Crisis

As telecommuting is becoming more and more popular within the workplace, it is important that businesses continue to address the needs of all of their employees – including those who work from home. Employee engagement is of extreme importance in every company, we know that much. But how do we continue to drive engagement throughout our remote workforce during this time of crisis?

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communication problems in retail

8 Strategies to Solve Communication Problems in Retail

Sharing timely updates from corporate headquarters with retail store workers has always been challenging with front-of-house staff constantly on the move, back-of-house personnel sitting at desks. It’s even tougher today with the various types of devices being used to access communication tools like email, text messages, and the Internet. Choosing a method to reach everyone with important news isn’t easy, and making the wrong decision can result in a various types of breakdowns in messaging in any retail communications.

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onboarding remote employees

How to Create a Great Onboarding Experience for Remote Employees

Historically, employee onboarding has primarily taken place in-person, but in today’s evolving workforce, being able to onboard new employees remotely using an intranet platform is a necessity.

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What is a Digital Workplace

What is a Digital Workplace? Definition and Examples

A Digital Workplace goes beyond the limits of a physical office. It provides for knowledge sharing and collaboration in many new and effective ways. It is a connected environment providing access to everything employees need with the help of digital technology.

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