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Virtual Help Desk

6 Steps to Implement a Virtual Help Desk During a Crisis

During a time of crisis, rallying your employees around a central communication source like a Virtual Help Desk will help your employees stay informed, reassured, and free to ask questions. Even when information is pushed through other channels like email, the Help Desk is where employees can find, review, and engage with official communications at any time and from any location.

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How to Manage the New Normal of Blended Family & Work?

The work life balance has become increasingly stressful and difficult to manage for many knowledge workers for quite some time. The dream and promise of technology to deliver less stress, fewer hours in the office, and more family time has been a modern-day farce.

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10 Simple Ideas to Improve Team Building for Remote Workers

In today’s climate, more and more businesses are offering opportunities for employees to work remotely, yielding higher productivity rates and access to a wider pool of talent. How do you build trust and a solid collaborative foundation if none of your team members work in the same office? Keep reading to find out!

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leading remote employees

4 Ways to Lead Remote Teams in Times of Crisis

We certainly live in uncertain times. In response to the recent pandemic, many organizations have responded by allowing their employees to work from home. While flexible work arrangements are quite common in some organizations, the sudden shift and indefinite length of this period have confounded employees, managers, and HR policymakers.

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frontline workers

How to Stay Connected with Field and Frontline Workers

New technologies have become essential for companies looking to communicate with their disconnected workers, whether they’re white collar, blue collar or technicians. Workers of all types have the same need to stay informed and connected inside their organization. In an unusual situation, how can we facilitate and respect each employee’s work time?

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