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building resilient organizational culture

5 Starting Points for a Resilient Organizational Culture

History teaches us that crisis situations occur far more frequently than we anticipate. Business goals should not be “live to see another day”, but actually to resist and thrive during turbulent times. In the 21st century digitalization significantly enhances our ability to adapt to rapid and uncertain changes. Let’s examine this and see exactly how organizations can build a resilient culture with the help of digital transformation.

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Internal Communication Strategy

How to Build a Successful Internal Communication Strategy?

Is your internal communication strategy working? Does external communication with clients and suppliers seem more important? Internal and external communication strategies are equally important. This article focuses on internal communication ideas to help grow your business. Discover its Benefits, all the Steps to build your internal communication and the best practices for your Company.

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change management strategy

Why Communication in Change Management is Important?

Facilitating any significant change within an organization can be challenging. In larger companies particularly, it can be even more complicated because there are many different teams that will be affected by any new operating procedures. That’s why all potential consequences must be addressed and worked through for the change to be successful.

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What is Employee Advocacy

What is Employee Advocacy? Benefits, Examples and Strategies

Employee advocacy is a trend you may be hearing a lot of lately. It applies to companies of all sizes and in all industries. This employee advocacy guide will explain to you what it is and how you can use it to your advantage to help you recruit the best candidates and boost sales.

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digital workplace benefits

10 Benefits of a Digital Workplace: Why Do Companies Need One?

The digital workplace has become a core part of the work experience in many organizations. When you’re thinking about creating or improving your organization’s digital workplace, it’s natural to wonder: What’s in it for me? Why is a Digital Workplace so important?

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