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Home office

How to Facilitate Home Office with a Digital Workplace

The shifts in work economy mean that an increasing number of people are working remotely or able to choose home office for a few days. This coincides with more and more companies changing their policies to better accommodate remote workers. Now enterprises need to ensure they provide the best working conditions, no matter their employees’ location.

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Best Practices in Internal Communications for Crisis Management

In times of global crisis, companies often develop contingency plans to avoid serious disruption to operations. You’ve heard a lot recently about Covid-19 in the media, but many different crises can threaten your organization: product failure, natural disaster, gun violence or simply a very bad buzz. In these cases of emergency, it is essential to communicate quickly and effectively to your entire organization.

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cms intranet

Employee Intranet CMS: 15 Tips for Choosing the Best Intranet

Corporate intranets are nothing new. Though, if you are unfamiliar, an intranet is simply a business’s internal website that is only available to current employees and can’t be accessed publicly. They are meant to share data and information with employees and have been around since computer networking, in general, became commonplace.

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What is employee engagement

Employee Engagement: What is it? Why is it important?

The direct link between commitment and performance is what defines the importance of employee engagement. That is why organizations are beginning to understand the worth of defining more human-centric corporate values. In this article, we will discover what is employee engagement and which factors have a bigger impact on the organization.

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10 Ideas to Improve Internal Communications for Retailers

There is an existing communication gap between corporate and store-level employees in the retail industry. So how can we bridge this gap and improve internal communication for brick and mortar retailers?

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