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Intranet ROI

Want to Learn How to Measure Intranet ROI?

  • Measuring Intranet Effectiveness
  • Implementing an intranet brings you plenty of advantages, but how do you measure it?

Intranet ROI White Paper

Time to Get Serious

An intranet is not just a “fun” tool that helps employees chat within communities or share updates. It’s a truly valuable asset to your company and should become a critical tool for every employee.

In this white paper, we will help you estimate your intranet return on an investment.

(Spoiler alert – it’s a very good one!)


Intranet Responses

According to the Social Corporate Network Observatory (2016), companies use an intranet in order to reach very specific objectives:

  • 64% to introduce new work methods
  • 56% to improve agility and reactivity of the organization
  • 44% to reinforce cohesion and belonging
  • 40% to encourage innovation

An effective intranet is supposed to fulfill these needs, but how can we be sure of its performance?


1. Engagement

An intranet provides an opportunity for all employees to express themselves. It also enables managers to share corporate culture and recognition with their teammates. The intranet can’t engage employees in and of itself, it has to be well managed and supported by leadership.


Provided the intranet is highly adopted, here are the differences between a company before an intranet and without engagement, and one with an intranet and engagement (Gallup, 2016)…

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