White Paper

Internal Communications – Part 2

Curious about improving internal communication?

Find the Right Tools and Processes. In the previous chapter, we stressed the importance of good internal communication and showed how to diagnose common communication challenges and consequences. In this second part, we will provide tips and best practices to improve your internal communication strategy and processes.

Internal Communications Part 2 White Paper

Golden Rules for Good Internal Communication

  1. Communication should be a conversation
  2. Transparency is key
  3. Leverage your intranet as an ideal problem-solving tool


Tips for Better Communication

Let’s start with 3 easy lists to improve communication, focusing first on your company, then on your employees and content.

  1. Connect With Your Company

  • Have a plan, vision, and strategy – you need to plan first and act next. A schedule is just the start for seamless implementation.
  • Use the right tools to empower your team – be an ambassador for the tool you’ve chosen and make sure that everyone is using it.