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Digital Platforms for Retail

Want to solve your retail pain points?

One of the most common challenges among retail organizations is the inability to connect headquarters with widespread store locations, suppliers, and digital platforms.

Digital Workplace for Retail White Paper

How can retailers connect all their stakeholders, locations, and employees to create a common corporate culture and seamless customer experience?


Common Retail Pain Points

For retail organizations, it can be a real challenge to connect employees across different locations in a seamless and efficient way. When internal communications are siloed and dysfunctional, it affects all major business units – headquarters, managers, store employees, suppliers, and consequently, customers themselves. Problems compound with a retail group that manages multiple brands.

Here are some common complaints from headquarters, managers, and employees… 



  • It’s difficult to communicate quickly to everyone on important information like company news, safety guidelines, marketing campaigns, and more
  • There’s no efficient way for us to collect feedback from employees, especially those in stores
  • We struggle establishing a sense of belonging or common culture across multiple brand units
  • We need a way to unify all employees, especially in the aftermath of mergers and acquisitions



  • We can only communicate with headquarters through unilateral and rigid channels
  • We have high turnover rates and slow onboarding processes
  • It’s difficult to share best practices or to hear from other stores


Store Employees

  • We feel cut off from headquarters, with no way to clearly communicate or hear corporate news and updates
  • We can’t find essential information such as delivery status, product info, discount updates, etc.
  • It’s difficult to provide quality customer service without proper work tools or resources
  • We find it hard to be engaged or motivated
  • There’s no way for my voice to be heard by management or headquarters
  • It’s impossible or difficult to communicate with other stores or to find the right point of contact


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