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Define Your Corporate Vision

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Effectively use internal communications to define, promote, and solidify your corporate mission and vision.

Define Your Corporate Mission White Paper

Have you ever asked your employees about the company vision? Are they able to recite it clearly? Are they all giving the same answer?

If yes, then you’re a lucky company at the top of your game. For most organizations, the answer is no – due to poor internal communication strategy and implementation.

A clear corporate vision with proper visibility across the organization is key to growing a healthy business with engaged employees.


What is the difference between “mission” and “vision?”

Mission vs. Vision

Many people mix up mission and vision, but they are two different things.
According to Marketing Management, A Relationship Approach, Svend Hollensen, 2010, “the corporate mission can be considered as a brief statement of the purpose of the company: what the organization is and what it does (“who are we?”). It ties back to the core values.”

“A vision statement is what the enterprise wants to become (‘where do we wish to go?’). The vision is a description of the company’s ‘desired future state.’ A vision statement should build enthusiasm… provoke inspiration…. and stimulate people to care.”

Fast company summarizes: “Many organizations confuse mission and vision. A mission is about who you are. Missions rarely change. Visions should be dynamic and drive constant learning and innovation.”

Mission and vision are fundamental to any company, but are often not known or clear to the entire organization.


“Rungway surveyed 2,000 UK employees on their attitude toward work. The research showed that more than half (52%) of employees in the UK can’t recite their organization’s vision, and nearly half (49%) can’t recite their organization’s values.”

“Company Vision and Values: Do They Still Matter?’’, Forbes, March 28, 2018


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