Creating a World-Class Digital Workplace with Microsoft Office 365 – PT. 2

Now you have a solid understanding of the opportunities and challenges of Office 365; we can start to understand how these can be brought under a cohesive Digital Workplace with the support of LumApps.

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LumApps and Office 365: Overview

History: LumApps and Microsoft 2019

LumApps seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365. In early 2019 we officially became a Microsoft Silver Partner.

As part of this partnership, we were selected to be a part of their Boost Program. This means LumApps was selected out of 130 ISVs to integrate a higher level of the technology partnership with Microsoft, which means our product team enjoys multiple benefits:

Direct collaboration with the Microsoft Office 365 team based in Seattle

Direct upstream access to the Office 365 roadmap, including the ability to test new features and APIs early on.

Frequent Workshops with Microsoft Product Managers based in Seattle (WA) to discuss such features as: Notifications, Enterprise Search, Teams integration, MSFT based Dashboard/Analytics, Deeper Office integrations to create content in LumApps


Enhancing the Employee Experience

LumApps and Office 365 enables you to create a world-class intranet which answers both IT and business needs. This partnership includes all the necessary Digital Workplace requirements across a broad spectrum of features that craft a true world-class employee experience.

  • LumApps Content Management System (CMS): The LumApps content management system is as powerful as it is dynamic in creating, designing and organizing internal corporate content. The ability to draft, create, and establish templates facilitates simple, decentralized and efficient content creation.
  • Enterprise Social Network (ESN): To create a true Digital Workplace, the organization must be engaged in a top-down convention (using CMS, alerts, broadcasts) in addition to fostering bottom-up, as well as horizontal discussions. The ability to create ‘Communities’ in LumApps natively, or by leveraging MS Team and/or Yammer allows for your organization to choose the best tool – for the right use case.
  • Search & Discoverability: Our goal is to enable our customers to drive higher adoption by improving their employee experience and accelerating business processes and workflows. To do this, our Search features allow end users to find information based on a number of factors: CMS, ESN, Tags, People and Expertise, and OneDrive/Sharepoint online.
  • Document Management System (DMS): To ensure information is cultivated in the most optimal way, we integrate with SharePoint online to handle DMS functionality. This allows business owners and IT to provide the best solution for maintaining and managing documents and workflows.


Common Digital Workplace Use Cases

The building block of any Digital Workplace is the use cases which it encapsulates. These are focused areas of utility where employees interact within information, colleagues, applications, while ultimately driving measurable business value. 

The rise of Digital Workplaces within many organizations is shaping the way businesses operate. This could be from Corporate Communications moving away from an email-based activity model – to a more personalized portal-like experience.

  • Corporate Communications
  • Department Hubs
  • Leadership Communications
  • Organic and Bottom-up Growth
  • Human Resources
  • Newsletters


Please Note: The information provided here was created by our LumApps Solution Consulting Team. Our Strategy Consultants are industry experts and seasoned Digital Workplace practitioners. y possess over 300 combined strategy engagements and digital workplace implementations.


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white paper creating a world-class digital workplace with microsoft office365 part 2

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