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Retaining Your Employees – Even Before They Think About Leaving

In this webinar, experts will discuss:

  • The key reasons employees are considering leaving
  • What will make employees want to stay and contribute post-pandemic
  • Critical steps to take to reduce the risk of turnover and increase employee engagement


As much as companies want the pandemic to end, employers have another event to be concerned about: the Great Resignation. That’s when experts predict that as the health crisis eases, employees will start to look for new jobs, and for employers, the news isn’t good.

In addition to massive understaffing, employers may also face critical skills gaps as positions require increased technological skills. While companies must determine how to attract new employees, they must also figure out how to keep the ones they already have. It’s essential to reach and retain employees before they consider walking out the door. To do that, organizations must understand what drives their employees’ engagement and retention, and what steps to take now to attract and keep their workforce.



Chris McLaughlin

Chief Marketing Officer


Mary Kaplan

Product Marketing Manager


Vinny Catalono

Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits

Lockton Insurance Brokers, LLC