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Masterclass – Create a Digital Workplace Roadmap

Tuesday, May 24 | 10 am CT


After a short break, the LumApps Masterclass Series is back! Attend the Strategy Track 2: Create a Digital Workplace Roadmap. Plot your course for a successful digital workplace program by mapping use cases, technical project, and change management to a quarterly or monthly Roadmap. Use your Roadmap to manage business priorities, stakeholder requests, and resource needs. Our most successful customers create a roadmap for their success – learn how in this webinar.

About the Masterclass series:
The LumApps Masterclass series is like earning a graduate degree in best practices for your employee digital experience program (or digital workplace or social intranet program). Our three tracks – Strategy, Use Cases, and Technical Topics – provide in-depth guidance on topics like governance, effective digital self-service centers, developing your own integrations, and success measurement.


Shaun Slattery

Director of Customer Success