Improve Collaboration with an Intranet PlatformImprove Collaboration with an Intranet PlatformImprove Collaboration with an Intranet Platform


Optimal internal communication strategy: Leveraging and scaling video content in your intranet

Monday, May 9| 01:00 pm GET

Webinar in sponsorship with The Institute of Internal Communication (IOIC)

This online session will reveal how Video has revolutionized the world, and the workplace

Optimal video content shouldn’t just be for our personal lives. Employees have a clear appetite for video communication in the workplace. In a recent survey, 66% of employees are likely to access an internal platform more regularly if it featured video content (in addition to traditional content). Yet managing video content can be cumbersome for internal communication teams. There can be many hurdles preventing effective video content, such as how can we easily transform video into knowledge? How can we more easily facilitate video consumption? How to easily manage access rights to video? How to handle secure video hosting?

Join LumAppsJoin LumApps experts Blaise Kremer, Product Manager for Video, and Thierry Moncoutié, Senior Product Marketing Manager, to learn:

  • The key results of an exclusive LumApps survey of over 3,000 employees in the UK, the US, and France to understand how employees feel about accessing and watching internal videos, and their preferences on the usage.
  • Industry best practices and examples on how video can engage, enable and empower employees, and contribute to a greater employee experience.
  • How to provide Internal communication, HR, and other department teams with an easy-to-use environment to handle video content across their company.


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Senior Product Marketing Manager


Blaise Kremer


Vidéo Product Manager