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How to Measure Intranet ROI : 10 Ways to Demonstrate the Value of Your Digital Workplace

For large, impactful IT and business projects, there is a need for defining clear criteria for success. The justification of investment includes any corporate projects, programs, and purchases – including intranets.

45 min

If you are responsible for a digital workplace or intranet, you need to know how to build a compelling business case and develop a return on investment (ROI) strategy that lives on, well past implementation.

However, the difficulty many stakeholders face is proving and drafting a business case and measurement program that outlines the benefits and justifies resource allocation.

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In this webinar, LumApps Director of Solutions Consulting, Rob Ryan, explains how you can demonstrate the value of your digital workplace.

You will hear:

  • 4 components of a successful digital workplace measurement strategy
    • Health & Vitality
    • Perception
    • Business Value
    • Measurement
  • How to bring the measurement strategy all together
  • 10 ways to demonstrate the ROI of your digital workplace
  • Tangible example
  • Open Q&A




Rob Ryan - LumApps

Rob Ryan

Director of Presales & Solutions Consulting — LumApps

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