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How to Implement Effective Knowledge Management within Your Digital Workplace – 4 Key Pillars

60 min

No matter the business, people are its most important assets. The knowledge they possess defines what the business knows and in turn, its potential for success. But the concurrent and always evolving nature of knowledge can generate complex and unpredictable challenges, resulting in information silos, delayed processes, unresolved problems, and duplication of work.

We can all agree that effective knowledge management is critical to maintaining agility and ensuring that all employees are informed and have the right knowledge to perform at scale. But understanding how to get there is not as clear.



Join digital workplace experts, Aaron Jacob, Consulting Project Director and Sarah O’Meara, Implementation Consultant from LumApps for a webinar where they will outline the 4 key pillars of effective knowledge management and how to get started in your organization today. You will hear:

  • Existing challenges of knowledge management and why it’s important
  • Effective knowledge management model and 4 key pillars for success
    • Collaboration
    • Formalization
    • Documentation
    • Presentation
  • Customer example and use cases
  • Open Q&A with the experts


Meet the experts!
Sarah O'Meara

Sarah O'Meara

Implementation Consultant

Aaron Jacob

Project Director