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How to Deliver an Exceptional Employee Experience from Onboarding to Alumni

45 min


A recent study  with Alight Solutions shows that creating a strong employee experience is the key to attracting and retaining employees in today’s hyper-competitive job market. Does the experience you provide your employees put you ahead of the competition?

Although creating an exceptional employee experience isn’t something that can be changed in a day, we can help you get you there.


Join LumApps and BetterCloud experts for an on-demand webinar on How to Create an Exceptional Employee Experience from Onboarding to Alumni.

In this session, our experts cover:

  • The impact and benefits of a positive employee experience
  • Common challenges
  • How to deliver an exceptional employee experience
    • Discovery and recruitment
    • Pre-hire and onboarding
    • Productivity and growth
    • Help and support
    • Engagement and recognition
    • Retention and offboarding
  • Open Q&A

This webinar is appropriate for both technical and non-technical employee experience stakeholders. If you are an IT director or security professional, an internal communications, people operations or HR leader, this session will have valuable information for you.

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Our Speakers

Mary Davis Kaplan

Mary Kaplan

Strategic Sales Engineer


Julien Jurion

Julien Jurion

Director of Strategic Partnerships


Emily Cataldo

Emily Cataldo

VP of Alliances


Mohammed Khalid

Senior Manager, Solutions Engineers