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Four Ways to Start Building Employee Experience Right Now

Wednesday, April 27| 2 pm EDT


The importance of creating great CX is well-covered territory – but today’s retailers are quickly learning that the best way to deliver outstanding customer experience is to start at the source: your employees.

Employee experience (EX) is at the core of all your CX efforts, but that experience is clearly lacking. Seventy-six percent of retail employees don’t think retailers are doing enough to retain talent and build an ambitious workforce, and 43% don’t feel heard when making suggestions regarding in-store changes and improvements. That’s got to change. In our upcoming webinar, we address ways you can immediately start improving your EX, focusing on:

  • Establishing the right communication and technology
  • Educating your employees so they can share information with shoppers they won’t find online
  • Helping employees build and maintain relationships with customers by reducing turnover
  • Learning to better recruit, train and retain employees and maintain a highly skilled workforce

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Chris McLaughlin - CMO - LumApps

Chris McLaughlin

Chief Marketing Officer


Mary Kaplan

Product Marketing Manager