On-Demand Webinar Featuring Forrester

Enhancing Employee Journeys for Hybrid Work Success


Improving employee experience is a key priority for most employers, as improving employee experience often leads to improved employee engagement and workforce performance. 

Join us for a webinar with guest speakers David Johnson, principal analyst at Forrester, Claudia Marchini, People Development Specialist at Air Liquide, discussing employee experience and employee journeys, specifically how enhancing employee experience through personalized employee journeys can lead to greater hybrid work success.

Key takeaways include: 

  • The science of employee experience (what variables  affect the employee experience?)
  • Personalized employee journeys for different employees (and key moments in the employee lifecycle)
  • How hybrid work continues to change the employee experience

Discover more about improving your employee’s experience in today’s hybrid working environments. 


David Johnson

Principal Analyst


Chris McLaughlin - CMO - LumApps

Chris McLaughlin

Chief Marketing Officer


Claudia Marchini

People Development Specialist

Air Liquide