Delivering A Cutting-Edge Employee Experience With LumApps & Google Workspace

On – Demand

As more and more companies realize that they need to treat their employees as their customers, with LumApps and Google Workspace, internal teams can create consumer-like experiences for their employees that are personalized, engaging, and more productive. Because when companies work hard for their employees, their employees work harder for them in return, delivering a greater customer experience!

You will learn:

  • What Employee Experience (EX) is and why it matters
  • The current challenges with EX
  • How to start improving the EX today (stakeholders, plan, metrics…)
  • How LumApps and Google Workspace can solve these challenges for your different types of employees

This informative session will be valuable for any function that has an impact on employee experience:

  • HR
  • IT
  • CommunicationOperations


Tony Majewski

Workspace Go-to-Market Strategist

Google Workspace

Mary Kaplan

Product Marketing Manager


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