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Communication Strategies for Hybrid Work Success

Creating an effective communication strategy in a hybrid work environment remains an ongoing challenge, within your team, and across your organization. How do we start adapting our teams to work best in this environment while continuing to offer an employee experience that engages everyone?

Join us on Feb. 10 for this FREE webinar, when Chris McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer, and Shaun Slattery, Director of Customer Success, at LumApps will share how your messaging efforts can resonate with in-office and remote workers simultaneously by implementing distinct communication protocols and new standards for meetings that empower managers to communicate in unprecedented ways.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Guidelines for crafting asynchronous vs. synchronous communications along with targeted, timely and personalized messaging
  • Steps for creating successful hybrid environments
  • Tips on how managers can use communication to unify culture, regardless of work location
  • Case studies: How other organizations have used the technology to seamlessly connect with employees


Chris McLaughlin - CMO - LumApps

Chris McLaughlin

Chief Marketing Officer


Shaun Slattery

Shaun Slattery

Director of Customer Success