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Aligning an Unintentional Digital Workplace

Align. Engage. Inspire.


Leaders and communicators can sometimes be overwhelmed when making sense of the often unintentional universe of digital workplace technology. How do we approach aligning an often disconnected technology ecosystem knowing that technology is never the only answer?

We need a conscious strategy and methodology to define our roadmap. Companies need to employ the true spirit of co-creation and facilitate the right conversations, with the right people, to build confidence and plans that will work the company (at all levels).

Watch this casual conversation with two employee experience and digital workplace pros who have supported hundreds of companies to determine the right approach.

Our fireside chat covers:

  • Developing an empathetic digital workplace strategy.
  • Activating a coalition of creators to sustain great content.
  • Crafting a simple governance framework to illustrate shared intranet ownership.


Kevin Preston - Intactic

Preston Lewis

CEO & Co-Founder


Shaun Slattery

Shaun Slattery

Customer Success Director