Internal Communications Planning

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When developing an internal communications plan, people usually concentrate most on what content they want to create. Though, it’s as important to focus on content sharing and curation than content creation.

Guide Internal Communication Planning

How does the content get shared? Who creates and spreads the content? How do employees respond to the content?

Have you ever considered these pillar questions when creating your internal communications plan?

While every company has unique needs for how it communicates with its employees, and how they communicate with each other, we want to offer you an example outline of a strong internal communications plan.


Step 1: Audit Your Current Internal Communications Plan

You can’t know where you need to go without a clear understanding of where you’ve been and where you are. Performing an audit of your current internal communication plan identifies what works and what you need to modify. How clear is the communication from the top-down and vice versa? What are people’s preferred methods of communication?

There are a few different ways to make an assessment of your internal communications:

  • Run surveys, conduct focus groups, and hold interviews to gauge the perception and success of your current internal communications.
  • Create a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis based on the results of the study

Take the road to a more effective and engaging internal communication strategy!

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