Improving Employee Engagement

Unlock the potential of your employees

Engaged employees are the greatest business asset. Build an internal brand, energize employees and promote employee advocacy.


Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

The challenge is widespread and persistent.

  • Just 16% of employees around the world consider themselves Fully Engaged.
  • 84% of the global workforce is not working at its full potential (ADP Research, 2018).

Employee engagement impacts all parts of the organization.

  • Companies with a highly engaged workforce achieve a 41% reduction in absenteeism, a 17% increase in productivity, and 59% less turnover (Gallup, 2017).

According to the ITA Group research (2019), engaged employees are:

  • 15x more likely to recommend the company to friends and colleagues.
  • 1.5x more willing to learn new skills and responsibilities.
  • Almost 6x more likely to plan on staying for a full career.

While disengaged employees are:

  • 2.3x more likely to be exploring other jobs.
  • Almost 3x more likely to leave within 12 months.

The data doesn’t lie. Improve employee engagement today.

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