The Total Economic Impact™ of LumApps

Driving 254% ROI Over A Three-Year Period

For an independent and rigorous cost savings and business benefit analysis, download the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of LumApps, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LumApps.

Through customer interviews, data collection and subsequent financial analysis, Forrester’s study concludes that LumApps can potentially provide customers a 250% return on investment or more over three years with a payback point of less than one year.

The Total Economie Impact of LumApps (Forrester)

Desktop Workers

Increased productivity of desktop workers

Frontline Workers

Increased productivity of frontline workers

IT Worker

Cost avoidance through IT consolidation

Onboarding Session

Increased efficiency of new employee onboarding

*3-years benefits for an organization of 20,000 employees

“The average [worker is] now only spending 4 minutes to sign in, find what they need, read it, and log off, and that was more like 8 or 10 min before.”

— Digital Communications Manager, Retail