Now Tech: Intranet And Employee Communications Platforms, Q4 2021

LumApps included in Forrester’s analysis of Intranet & Employee Communications Platforms

Author Cheryl McKinnon at Forrester based the analysis on two factors: market presence and functionality. Additionally, they concluded modern intranet and employee communications platforms allow EX leaders to:

  • Provide targeted and timely communications to inform employees. Intranet platforms can help leaders focus on tailored, relevant communications delivered in multiple ways (video, mobile, or collaboration channels).
  • Build trust in content. Modern platforms automate governance via reminders and workflows to archive old pages, keeping content fresh and accurate.
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and provide an inclusive digital workspace. Organizations can use a modern intranet to reinforce culture and values, celebrate accomplishments, and encourage knowledge sharing.

Download the report to learn more about the current state of Intranet and Employee Communications Platforms.


LumApps Video Demo - Social Intranet

LumApps Video Demo

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