Employee Communication Opportunity Snapshot

In this Forrester Opportunity Snapshot you will learn the current outlook for communication and employee engagement, and how to take advantage of new opportunities for improving employee performance and engagement.

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  • Firms struggle with consistent communication with employees across locations (82%), keeping content fresh and engaging (82%), and two-way communication with leadership (80%). Firms with more frontline workers face challenges at a greater rate.
  • Current social intranet/employee communication platforms fall short of employee requirements: 92% of firms receive complaints from employees.



  • Current platforms do not enable firms to provide engaging user experiences, especially on mobile (87%), an important channel for frontline workers. This leads to low engagement (81%) and user frustration (79%).
  • As a result of challenges, firms struggle with lowered productivity (31%) and poor employee engagement (30%). This leads to impacts on the business, including reduced agility (42%) and inefficiency (37%).



  • To tackle these challenges, companies look for an employee communications platform that is easy to develop, integrate, and maintain, and that enables effective content sharing and collaboration.
  • Through this type of platform, firms expect improved employee performance (42%), better collaboration (39%), and greater engagement and satisfaction (39%).


Build effective and harmonious communication across the workforce

Key takeaways:

  • Outline today’s challenges for firms struggling with consistent communication with employees.
  • Understand why current platforms do not enable firms to provide user experiences that are engaging.
  • Identify the impacts on the business for firms facing these challenges and what are their expectations.
  • Assess the strengths of a leading employee communication platform providing proven result

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