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2022 Clearbox Intranet Report

Buyer’s Guide to Intranet & Employee Experience Platforms 

ClearBox Consulting spent hundreds hours researching LumApps and other leading intranet and employee experience platforms. The research includes:

  • 19 robust reviews independently assessed and scored against 10 business scenarios, where we don’t focus on features, we focus on capabilities
  • Dozens of screenshots, showing the inner workings of products and app screenshots
  • Review commentary that explains what independent reviewers found tricky and delightful, technical tables and a price bracket indication in each review.

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— Why are Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms important?

Modern intranet solutions and employee experience platforms such as LumApps help companies engage, enable and empower their workforce. As the catalyst for an effective digital workplace, they help teams communicate, collaborate and get things done.


— Why should you use the ClearBox Report to Find an Employee Experience Platform?

ClearBox is a group of independent research and analysts with a sophisticated methodology for reviewing software. Their 2022 ClearBox report is complete with reviews and comparisons of employee experience platforms. Therefore, it’s a great starting point for conducting employee experience technology research.


— How to use the ClearBox report?

Each section of the report features a detailed report of a given intranet or employee experience provider. This includes an overview of pricing, key strengths, improvements and considerations plus data such as customer feedback and technical specifications. The report contains a detailed explanation of ClearBox’s scoring system and methodology.

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