Gartner Report

2020 Strategic Road Map for Business Continuity Management

According to Gartner, “Security and risk management leaders targeting greater organizational resilience will need to ensure that their business continuity management programs are viewed as strategic imperatives by linking them to the development of corporate objectives and customer delivery commitments.”

2020 Strategic Road Map for Business Continuity Management - Gartner report
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According to Gartner:

  • “The momentum of digital transformation projects will outpace the ability of organizations to accommodate the changes, introducing additional complex threats. Neither the pace of change, nor the evolving risk landscape will wait for business continuity management and organizational resilience strategies to evolve and catch up.”
  • “The growing need to provide 24/7 technology services to support business needs and customer-facing services is changing organizations’ internal and external interactions.”
  • “The ongoing and increasing threat of cyberattacks is leading to the formalization of the relationship between BCM and digital information security functions.”


According to Gartner:

  • “Learn and adapt quickly to protect end-user service delivery, organizational brand and future sustainability proactively..”
  • “Gain the skills necessary to engage with resilience planning as a business-as-usual function in an organizational resilience culture.”
  • “Demonstrate facilitation and mentoring skills in the context of an oversight role, rather than be the day-to-day “doer.””
  • “Integrate BCM across the whole organization to ensure that business-led recovery time expectations are aligned with supplier capabilities and IT disaster recovery resources..”
2020 Strategic Road Map for Business Continuity Management - Gartner report

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