Accessibility in LumApps

Accessibility in LumApps is a top priority. With the goal of enabling our customers and partners to build fully accessible solutions for all workers in their organizations, including workers with disabilities, LumApps aims to follow guidelines according to ADA, RGAA 4.0, and WCAG 2.1. to provide an accessible core product.

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Accessibility for All - LumApps

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Accessibility for All

Each LumApps user is important, and we design the product to ensure the employee’s experience is personal, productive, and rewarding. LumApps dedicates efforts to enhance the compatibility with screen readers and the use of tabbed navigation.


Accessibility Guidelines

As LumApps is a highly customizable tool, the responsibility for providing an accessible intranet for end users is shared between different actors, including our customers.

accessibility guidelines


Contributors in LumApps are responsible for publishing accessible content


Intranet designers and integrators are responsible for designing accessible Intranets

Product Teams

The LumApps Product and Engineering teams are responsible for providing an accessible core product and feature set


Some Best Practices Include …

These best practices are for Designers and Contributors in LumApps.

Accessibility Readable fonts

Readable Fonts

As a designer, you must avoid using font size below 14 px (12 px for ALL CAPS text). You must only use special fonts for headings. We recommend using classic / system fonts for body text.

Accessibility Ratios

Contrast Ratios

Creating content and using contrast ratio tools to check the accessibility of your content before you publish it is a great way to make sure you’re publishing content for all audiences