All in one place

Be more efficient

LumSites brings all your corporate content and enterprise tools in one place.

Customize your environment

A smart portal is a tool that displays only news and documents your are interested in.

Access your Google Apps

LumSites provides you access to your Google Apps in one click.

Stop switching between tools

Connect your tools and integrate them directly into a dashboard.

Work on the go

LumSites’ interface offers the same user experience on all devices.

Find what you’re looking for

A powerful search engine puts what you’re looking for in your hands instantly.

Collaborate smarter

LumSites helps you to stay informed with social features. Follow people, join projects and be notified on topics that matters.

You can stay updated and share your comments regardless of whether you are at the office or not.

Connect with co-workers

Search for people, skills, locations or teams and reach out to the right people in your company. Find your contacts details and social activities.

And everything is synchronized with Google Apps.